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The Latest Gimmick By Deadpool Will Surely Make You ROFL

Marvel’s sexiest, hottest, never-gives-a-fuck to anything anti-hero- Deadpool has already blessed the audience with a string of dialogues worth remembering and laughing our guts out at. His style can very well be called an unbeatable comedic battle with the humorous Iron Man of the Marvel universe.

We had just finished enjoying and gloating over Deadpool’s crazy red ass when Ryan Reynolds decided to entertain us all the more with his latest tweet of nominating and actually making Deadpool win most of the Oscars. Well, his tweet can very well be called a list of the awards won by the Red suited, immortal man at the Oscars. Have a look at his tweet and have a good laugh.

For your consider-bation, here is a breaking down of what Reynolds means:

Best Movie: Deadpool on a Bearskin Rug, we still can’t stop laughing at the imagery of Deadpool on DiCaprio’s (The Revenant) bear’s huge ass rug with Deadpool posing like a sexy beast.


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Best Love Scene: Deadpool & his Baby hand, imaginations are going over the ceiling. Colossus surely gave Deadpool reason enough to indulge in yet another only-Deadpool-can-do-this activity.

Best Foreign Language Film: El Deadpool, just because Deadpool would be called El Deadpool in Spanish. Well!

Best Animated Short: A shot of Deadpool’s ‘short’ phallus, seems like he just made a short film out of it :p\

To sum it up, we would just like to bow down to Ryan Reynold’s for doing what he does best, being Deadpool!


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