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These 10 Erotic Movies Will Surely Arouse You

Erotica, sex, steaming bodies. Who doesn’t like watching all of it? As Sigmund Freud, a famous psychologist had said ‘Man is driven by three main components: Food, shelter and sex!’ No wonder Fifty Shades of Grey was so popular, though we are not going to have films similar to 50 Shades here.

Here we present to you some actual erotic and steamy films that you MUST watch. Stop shying already!

Body Heat


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Every erotic story-line has to have a mysterious thriller sideline. It manages to up the sexual levels somehow, the tension mixed with the sexual heat always creates a lovely orgasm. In reality as well. Body Heat showcases one of the most sexiest stars in Film History: Kathleen Turner. Sex and crime walk hand in hand in this torrid affair, the climate, the bodies and the thrilling story-line will leave you filled with suspense and some high feelings for sure.



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Secretary has quite a sadomasochistic story-line so if you are a 50 shades concept fan, then go ahead and gorge on it. Though it is much better than 50 shades any day. It showcases the relationship between a super dominant boss and a submissive secretary. To top the cliched story-line. the secretary is a former patient in a mental hospital where she was admitted for self-harm. Be ready to watch erotic sadism right there.

Poison Ivy


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A Drew Barrymore starrer, Poison Ivy will firstly show you the most seductive side of the star. You will be like, she can do such roles as well! The movie shows Barrymore as a seductive teenager who befriends an introverted high school student and sets havoc in her life. It reaches to such a level that you see Barrymore having sex with her friend’s father. Not gross, more of an erotic affair. So just go and watch it, the story-line is amazing!

Blue Velvet


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Widely acclaimed as the greatest film of the 80’s Blue Velvet is a neo-noir mystery film bordering on psychological horror. Many studios declined to take it ahead due to its strong sexual and violent nature. The story-line will just intensify your violent lust.


monica belluci

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The Italian sex Goddess Monica Belluci  provokes sensual awakenings in a group of adolescent boys. With one 12-year becoming so fascinated and obsessed with her, that he turns into this stalker who can’t get enough of her (stealing her underwear and doing crazy puberty nonsense) Scenes of clothes being taken off, beatings, hidden secrets and a shocking story-line would leave you awed. The direction is done in such a way that you feel like the voyeur peeping into the life of this beauty.

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down


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This film went through a lot of controversy for its highly explicit nature. The people in the US were hesitant for its release due to its X rating which is regarded as pornographic. A Spanish film based on a released psychiatric patient who kidnaps an actress in order to make her fall in love with him. He believes his destiny is to marry her and father her children. It is quite a dark film, very close to being a horror to give a heads-up.


Swimming Pool


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Swimming Pool is a French-British erotic thriller film. Again a combination of erotica and crime, it shows how the decision of shifting to another place due to experiencing a never-ending writer’s block forces a crime novelist to shift to France. There we see the entry of this character whose lifestyle consists of having back-to-back one night stands. The plot and the ending is quite ambiguous so just watch it for the erotic fun.

Boogie Nights

boogie nights

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A Julianne Moore and Mark Wahlberg starrer, Boogie Nights showcases the life of a young nightclub’s dish-washer who turns into this huge porn star making him one of the biggest stars during the Golden Age of Porn. With Mark Wahlberg playing the lead you get to see the rise and fall of a porn-star with scenes galore of sex and other hot porn artists. This movie has also been critically acclaimed and is known by every movie lover of each generation.

P.S: Mark Wahlberg’s porn name is ‘Dirk Dirgler’

Kamasutra: A Tale of Love


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Directed by Mira Nair, you will get to watch an uncensored show of all-out nudity. Set from the lines of the Indian book of Kamasutra, the story is centered on the sexual rivalry between two childhood friends in terms of sex, beauty and what not. The sexual icon Rekha is also a part of this movie where she trains girls to perform sex better. Enough to make you go and watch it.

Sex and Lucia (Lucia y el sexo)


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A Spanish film, Sex and Lucia is about Lucía, a young waitress in Madrid. After the loss of her long-time boyfriend, a writer, she seeks refuge on a quiet, secluded Mediterranean island. There is a great deal of passionate sexual content surrounding the love story of Lucía and Lorenzo as the plot dissolves into a very lyrical eroticism. The way the film is directed will leave you high, like stoned high.

What are you waiting for? Go and have some fun RIGHT NOW!

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