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These 5 Bollywood Movies on Adultery Capture its Essence in all its Shades

Many Bollywood movies are made on relationships, patriotism, biographies, etc., but, the one concept that has been addressed by our filmmakers in the most mature form is Adultery.

Adultery is a sensitive topic and to present it as it is and why it happens is not an easy task.

Here, we have for you a list of Bollywood movies which did justice in bringing the pain, shock and reason associated with this phenomenon.

Top 5 movies on Adultery



This 1982 movie has dealt with the subject of infidelity with an exceptional proficiency. Be it the irony of the maid and the protagonist facing the same situation or the guilt with which the “other” has to live with has been skillfully presented.

However, this movie takes quite a mature turn when all the chaos comes down to “finding the meaning of life”- ARTH.



This movie is a class apart from all the others made on this subject. Gulzar has portrayed extra- marital affair in the most beautiful way possible. Released in 1987, this movie depicts the feelings of possession, guilt, love and trust in the most unadulterated form.

The songs in Ijaazat also talk about adultery with tracks like “khaali haath sham” and “Mera kuch saaman”. The director somehow adds a glorious meaning to the concept of faithfulness.

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna


This 2006 movie showed the concept with so much truth that people found it hard to digest. Two unhappy people experiencing the same situation seek solace in each other, and thereby cheat on their partners. The director Karan Johar did a great job in showing the way our minds work, when we aren’t with ‘the one true partner’.

The reality is mostly bitter and KANK presented the bitterness unrefined.

Life in a Metro


Year 2007 had not one but, two movies on unchastity. Life in a metro was not just about the lives of the people living in a big city. But, it also talked about the ways we try to make peace with all that we have done. Good or bad this movie was a perfect depiction of people cheating on each other and turning somewhere else to find the love they were seeking.

The Train


Disloyalty was just a part of this 2007 movie. With songs like “zindagi ne zindagi bhar gham diye” and “beete lamhe” this movie was about a man being fooled and trapped into committing adultery. Despite being fictional, this movie proliferated the emotions adeptly and made it worth a watch.

Despite the fact that adultery is a hushed concept, Bollywood has had a mature take on it. Thus, making it a treat for its viewer.

So, if you like movies based on recurring life choices, these movies will somehow make you understand what drives people cheat on each other.

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