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What Star Wars has been teaching us since the 70’s

A long time ago, in a galaxy..far, far away..

George Lucas foresaw what we have not been able to grasp till date. All the Star Wars fans know the legend Lucas is and the legendary series that he created.

Let us have a look at the gems Star Wars has been teaching us since the 70’s.

Nature is a balance of force


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Good cannot exist without evil and vice versa. Existence of humankind is not possible if both the forces are not balanced. Just like individuals cannot grow without suffering, the world cannot see an evolution without the existence of the two powers.

In Star Wars, all the episodes focus on the power of both the forces in running the world.

LIFE GEM: Imagine a life filled with goodness and laughter without any sadness or mistakes. Can we call that a life?

The Law of father-son conflict


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Luke and Darth Vader have been the most loved father-son duo in the entire galaxy. Yes, they had a great conflict that separated them. One was consumed by the evil side while the other had the power of the force.

But something helped in ending this conflict in the end: Love. Love saved them and made Star Wars the legend that it is.

LIFE GEM: Same can be applied to our lives, love helps solve each and every conflict. You just need to listen to your heart.

The World as a homogenous entity

George Lucas succeeded in incorporating characters from the Black, Chinese and transgender origin as pilots who save the realm. He thought much ahead of his time in every way.


Star Wars taught us the concept of understanding the normalcy of diversity in personalities.

LIFE GEM: Sadly, till date humans of many countries are still trying to understand the power of love and tolerance.

The Power of Hate

Anakin is forced to turn over to the dark side due to his engulfing hate and anger at the death of his mother. This hate of death and the fear of losing his wife to the same fate forces him to become the Sith Lord’s apprentice, Darth Vader.

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The same could have happened to Luke if he too would have ‘let the hate flow through him’ as the dark side wanted.

LIFE GEM: The humans of this century can learn a lot from this teaching of Star Wars.

The Secret


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The book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne was published in the year 2006. Way before that Master Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) the Master of Obi Wan Kenobi had said this line which holds the entire essence of the secret.

“Your focus determines your reality”

LIFE GEM: Star Wars helped us in focusing on the life we want. What we need is just a total amount of daily focus.

Concept of Symbiance

Life forms live together for mutual advantage which is popularly known as the concept of symbiance. This was explained to young Anakin by Master Qui-Gon Jinn and which most of read in Biology.

LIFE GEM: A concept which is totally forgotten nowadays, humans are more excited about killing each other than gaining symbiance with each other.

We are made up of medicloreans


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Medicloreans teach us the will of the force as the Dark Lord had taught Annakin. The will of the force that these medicloreans create can only be heard by a quiet mind, it helps in feeling the right way of the force.

LIFE GEM: It can be utilized in real life to make correct decisions, a thing that is more popularly known as the power of the gut in the galaxy we live in.

A good heart doesn’t depend on external beauty


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Chewbacca and Jar Jar Binks might not be the most beautiful to admire in the galaxy but their hearts are pure gold. As innocent and loving as that of a new born child, Star Wars removes all barriers of so-called beauty.

LIFE GEM: And here we are living in a world  struggling to look beautiful, externally.

The heart is the strongest organ

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Darth Vader felt the power of Jedi Anakin when the Emperor was going to kill his son Luke. His brain and body could be engulfed by the dark force but his heart is what saved his son and himself in the end.

LIFE GEM: Imagine the force of the galaxy in which we live in when all our hearts stay functional.


Lastly, Star Wars taught us the

Origin of the pout

The popular selfie pout was also originated from the Star Wars. Thanks to the Gungan tribe.


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LIFE GEM: Well :p




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