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Take a Look At Who Will Stop Leonardo From Winning The Oscar Yet Again

How does it feel when you are so close to attaining your goal, so close to achieving it, feeling the touch of your victory and in just a snap it’s taken away by somebody else?

Repeat the same feeling 5 times over. Majority of us will mellow down or lose confidence, though there is this category of people who fight on with the intensity of predators and shock us with their undying commitment to their specific roles.

Leonardo Di Caprio surely is the leader in this category and we want to foresee his ‘close to victory mode’ turning into a victory being celebrated by millions of people worldwide.

But, will his immense hard-work and dedication be surpassed by another yet again?

Okay, okay stop the stone throwing already.

We are not standing by the name of Eddie Redmayne totally, but these two are going to have a bloody neck to neck fight.

Reason? The flawless portrayal of a girl trapped in a man’s body by Redmayne and the juries love for sensitive topics and ‘transgender’ is surely one of them.

Redmayne and Caprio are going to be the real contenders for the Oscar for the Best Actor  and it’s next to impossible to give a final judgement as to who will win it this time, even if IMDB’s rating of The Danish Girl is just 6.8.

Eddie Redmayne: The Danish Girl


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First of all can you believe that this is Eddie Redmayne? How can he pull off looking so beautiful like that?

Coming to his performance, it is just impossible to pause this biopic for even a second as each movement emitted by Eddie screams of perfection. He succeeded in looking more beautiful than Alicia Vikander as well! The gradual change in Redmayne’s character from Einar to Lily is filled with a beautiful pain that makes the viewer cry and stay in awe throughout.

People may give the reason that his physique and personality made this character solely his to portray but the dedication and finesse required to play both parts of male and female in one film is not a piece of cake. Bringing out such a sensitive topic to light in such a heart-warming manner and succeeding in keeping the viewer gripped throughout the 2 hour watch speaks of the level till which Redmayne flowed into his character.

Redmayne made us cry, laugh and touched our heart strings in ways unimaginable. We could literally feel the torture his soul was going through in being trapped inside a man’s body, the way his soul was dying to burst out of himself emitted shocks of empathy and pain.

Leonardo Di Caprio: The Revenant


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His dialogue delivery may be all in his ‘breathing’ and grunting which made his role all the more demanding. DiCaprio has chilled every viewer with the limits he surpassed in the acting universe with The Revenant. You can literally feel the physical pain he endured in mastering the character of Hugh Glass, a fighter and a father who loses his wife and son in the hardships faced in the bitterness of territory fights and death-like winters.

The uncut scene of the bear attack portrayed by Leo speaks volumes of the time he spent in getting into the skin and the mind of a person being clawed and literally chewed off by a mammoth bear. How did he do that? Just HOW?

The movie might seem a little far-fetched in showing Leo as a man who survived in spite of being mauled by a bear, falling off from a height of more than 20-30 feet onto a ground of ice-cold snow and enduring a climate all alone in that condition. But, his acting prowess and of course the direction makes everything believable and real.

He makes you shiver in the cold with him, his shallow breaths makes you feel the mind-shattering pain he feels and he keeps all your senses super active in just a total of 4-5 dialogues!

Now you can deduce for yourself as to who is getting the Oscar this year, though the end of the article already proves who is the winner.

And it is: Fill in the name in the comments below


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