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Why Marvel & Non-Marvel Fans ‘Must’ Watch Civil War

Yes, this is a review. Without any spoilers though (can’t guarantee a 100 on that).

Many of you might be reading this article to decide if this film is worth buying theater tickets for after the BVS fiasco.

Stay rest assured, we will make sure you buy those tickets and enjoy each bit of that spend.

Okay coming to Captain America: Civil War. First of all this is not a Captain America movie, it’s not totally based on him, it’s more to do with the adrenaline pumping Civil strife that will take place between the best of the superheroes due to a third party (Zemo: the villain who would not be remembered much).


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You can see who is fighting who in the above image

It’s a treat to watch close to 12 beloved heroes fighting off on something they truly believe in. If you enter the theater taking sides (Team Iron or Team Cap) you will come out of it loving both of them. Hopefully.

The movie starts with a fight between Crossbones and the Avengers which leads to heavy destruction, wiping out many lives in the state of Wakanda. (Hush, hush Black Panther’s path creation). The irreparable damage by not just the criminals but the Avengers makes the government devise the Sokovian Accord; a document, which if signed will shift all the influential power to the government. In short, the Avengers would not be a privately operating body anymore. The difference between Iron Man and Captain America in the signing of the accord divides the Avengers and their other ‘friends’ into two parties supporting and opposing the Accord respectively.

What follows is a fun action-packed ride with the entry of Black Panther, Ant Man and the much awaited Spider-Man with each picking sides as they deem fit (not spilling spoilers).


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Apart from the close to perfect action, Ant Man and Spider-Man’s humor succeeds in erupting many back-hitting laughs. Add to that Ant-Man’s fantastic superpower that will leave your eye sockets open much too wide.

Not to miss Bucky (Cap’s best friend/ Winter Soldier) who eats up the entire film by being a central part of the plot, as Cap goes all out to protect his friend from Team Stark and the government to stop ‘something’ crazy being planned by Baron Zemo (David Bruhl) who can do anything to avenge the death of his entire family in Sokovia.

The main antagonist Bruhl did not succeed in winning any sort of space in the mind of the audience as he is shown as a timid guy, trying to be too intelligent and smart than he is. Maybe the Russos purposely crafted his character in such a way so that the plot stays  focused on the ‘Civil War’ and the clashes than the villain in general. He is just a chess master whose main aim is to tear the Avengers apart.


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Of course, there are some loopholes in the movie- the slight drag before the interval, the contradictory actions of Tony Stark of signing the Accord but bringing young Spider-Man’s life at stake by getting him to take part in the war and hardly a 5 minute show of Vision’s super powers. All in all these tiny loopholes can be dismissed as the entire package leaves you feeling satisfied and entertained till the very end. You feel like punching and sloganeering for your Team, while you emit horrors of shock with the discovery at the end (no spoilers again).

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And how can we miss covering an entire paragraph on Black Panther! As you must know, he is the richest superhero in the entire Marvel realm both in terms of influence and money. He will surely be the next superhero with the most bought merchandise owing to his sexy suit with the perfect actor to play him. He looks too sexy with the suit on! (you just cannot miss him in action) Go watch the movie and you will have to agree with us on that one.


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As for Tom Holland playing Spider-Man, oh his casting is a message from heaven that we have another super entertainer Spider-man: Homecoming on its way.

If you have watched the movie and agree with us, do add some of your own insights. And if you are still planning on watching it, just book that seat and have the most entertaining 2 and a half hours of your day (not life)

Reel Value: 8.5/10

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