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Why ‘Snowden’ Will Be The Most Controversial Film Of The Year

Director: Oliver Stone

Cast: Joseph Gordon Levitt, Shailene Woodley

We all know about Edward Snowden through his coverage on national and international newspapers. Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are called heroes as well as traitors, depending on what perspective you want to believe of what you see, or should we say what you are ‘shown’ by the few in power.

The trailer which was released yesterday is mind-blowing in every way possible. Add to that Joseph Gordon Levitt’s flawless acting skills, this movie is going to be the talk of too many governments to count. We might also see many news articles talking about governments trying to censor or even ban the release of this controversial movie. But as we are crazy movie enthusiasts, we will anyhow get hold of this one and know the real story behind the world’s most incredible hero (talking about our perspective).

As to why it will be the most controversial talk of the town:

Snowden discloses the hidden secrets of power hungry nations

It shows the depths of their greed and lust to stay ahead of the pack. The antics deployed by them to do the same will make you lose trust over the people who are supposed to ‘look after’ your well-being.

The portrayal of Snowden in the movie

Snowden being shown a guy trying to move away from the pack, trying to save the citizens of the nation will make the ‘few’ crawl inside their well padded mattresses. They will do all they can to stop being seen as creepy voyeurists.

Covering Snowden’s personal life

The trailer shows the gist of the story about Snowden’s personal life which none of us have got a chance to view through the subtle censorship of the ‘free’ internet. This movie dives into the things the government was trying to hide, thus controversies will abound this true piece of art.

Snowden is set to release on September 17, a date that would wake many of us from our careless slumber.

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