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10 TV Deaths We Will Mourn for a Long Time

How does it feel when your most beloved character is wiped off the show in an instant! It is so unbelievable that you re-re-re-rewind to double check what just happened! I can’t even start to talk about the terrible pain insinuated due to this.

Here’s a list of ten TV deaths that have scarred many of us for life. Or, you know, for a couple of days at least.

Zoe Barnes – House of Cards


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Do not even ask how many times did I rewind Season 1’s last episode over and over again to grasp what had just happened. It resulted in more than a WTF just happened expression, my eyes could not have gotten any bigger with that sense of disturbance and shock!

Killed in an instant, who would have thought! Oh, except Frank Underwood!

Oberyn Martell – Game of Thrones


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He came, he made us fall in love and then he left us with his smashed skull followed by our smashed hearts. All in just one season! Game of Thrones is way ahead in the league of unexpected killings right from the first shock of Ned Stark but Oberyn’s death choked out the food out of many of us!

Will Gardner – The Good Wife


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These script-writers take real life too seriously, when it comes to death! It’s tragic, it’s out of the blue and so sudden that you do not even get to breathe while your entire world transforms in an instant! The death of the main character Will left a bunch of unanswered questions with a bunch of memories which we can watch over and over again with those boxes of tissues.

Sweets – Bones

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You usually expect a character to die in the season finale, not in the premiere, which made the demise of this beloved character that more shocking. He was a good guy. He was young. He was about to be a father. He didn’t deserve this. His warmth, dedication, and optimism will always be remembered fondly.

Charlie Skinner – The Newsroomcharlie-skinner-1024

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Whether you have been a fan or not of The Newsroom, you have to admit that Skinner was one of the best characters on the show. Seeing him go down like that was disturbing, to say the least. To cope with his death, we can at least say that he died doing what he always enjoyed – scream from the top of his lungs in the middle of a crowded newsroom.

Katherine – The Vampire Diaries

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Katherine has always been the one who pulls the show from sinking with her timely appearances. But with her death it seems like we will have to do with whiny Elena without her sexy doppelganger. Well, you can never be quite certain about her death as no supernatural or Elena being can be dead for too long. Fingers crossed!

Sara Lance – Arrow

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Sara Lance grows on you as you begin to understand her life’s journey. Her character’s strength, chemistry with the cast and delightful nature made her one of the most popular characters in Arrow. Well, they killed her off right in the premiere. Rest in peace, Black Canary, you were a true badass!

The Mother – How I Met Your Mother

This can win the award for the un-coolest death in the history of the Entertainment Universe. We waited for years to meet ‘The Mother’. And when we did meet her and totally fall in love with her, she was just killed in the finale! I mean who gets killed in HIMYM! And that too the one we waited for, all along?

Daniel Grayson – Revenge

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Daniel’s death completed the character’s journey towards his redemption. He died in Emily’s arms, after taking a bullet for her. Why his journey towards redemption? Well, due to the fact that he’s the one who shot her back in season two. Nevertheless, a sad moment for Revenge fans everywhere.

Allison Argent – Teen Wolf

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It was touching and incredibly depressing to see Allison die in the arms of her true love – a moment that made Teen Wolf enthusiasts extremely unhappy. However, when Crystal Reed decided to leave the show, killing her off was the only thing the writers agreed would be true to her character. She was incredibly strong and resilient – and will forever be missed.

Which TV death on our list affected you the most? Let us know in the comments!


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