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“13 Reasons Why” – A Take on the Show by Ahmed Faraz


What makes people commit suicide? Does the pressure of society take such a toll on someone that they are forced to take a step like this?

We know and have seen students taking this unfortunate step due to exams or parental pressure but of-late we are seeing students committing suicide due to bullying in college.  Which is very unfortunate.

But what if someone took this step thoughtfully and in all sane ness or just to make sure her bullies suffer equally as she did when she was alive.


Now Imagine a Girl you know from college suddenly committing suicide and somehow you are in the middle of it.

Worst part is, its still a mystery for you and you fail to understand why are you in the middle of the controversy of suicide of a girl you once liked may be even loved.
Sounds intriguing? Well yes, it is.


13 Reasons Why, A Netflix Original is one fascinating series currently on air on Netflix.


A Girl, Hannah Baker, who is struggling in making friends at High School and whoever she comes close to ends up betraying here. A guy Clay Jenson the nerd of the class and magnet for bullying starts to like Hannah secretly.

Now Clay is kind of person who never steps up for anything at the same time Hannah is someone who is open to try new things even meeting new people.


I guess this is the quality of hers due to which she ends up being betrayed. You know how High School kids are.


Suddenly One day Hannah baker commits suicide without leaving a note behind.


This series starts with a not so normal day at School where students are talking about Hannah’s suicide and everyone looks disturbed. Then our protagonist Clay enters the college and suddenly whispering starts and he starts to feel jittery about all this.

Just when he was trying to figure out everything going on School he receives a box at his doorstep in the evening.


The Box is full of old-fashioned Boom Box tapes precisely 7 of them with each side named in numbers. Only one of them has 1 side so in total there are 13 sides.


Now is the part where it gets very interesting, he starts to read the note with those tapes. The first sentence of the note says “if you have received this box that means you are one of the reasons I an not alive today”

Suddenly so many questions popped up in his mind. Why is she accusing me? What have I done? Who else knows about this? Am I the first one to receive this box?


But to have the answers of all these questions he needs to listen to these tapes one by one. BUT CAN HE? This is exactly what was going on in Clay’s mind.


All he is doing is staring at the tapes and thinking, who the hell makes tapes in this Digital Era? Why tapes?


Hannah was smart enough to know digital things can be modified and can be made viral with a click so what better way to protect this secret of hers?

Very intelligently she has chosen someone else from the school who has the second set of the tapes and if any one did not follow the instructions those tapes goes to Police.

One such Instruction is to pass on this box on to the next person quietly without talking to anyone about it once they finish all 13 sides.


Did you ever thought in your wildest imaginations what would happen if you receive a box like this on your doorstep?


13 sides, 13 reasons and 13 people responsible for suicide of a young girl.

This is the plot, a very thoughtful and very unique plot.


As the series progress from episodes to episodes, it is revealed that every friend of hers has proven to be selfish and betrayed her in some way or the other.


Best part is till the last side Clay doesn’t know why is he involved in this and what has he done to Hannah that she committed suicide. Well at least Hannah did not say anything about Clay directly but during the course of 13 sides will Clay be able to make out what wrong he did? Why Hannah sent tapes to him?


With each incident described in each side, with each person mentioned in tapes Clay starts to realize how bad it was for Hannah to face these bullies everyday. What all did they do to her?

Clay being Clay never thought about it when she was alive and even when it was happening in front of her he never stepped up or spoken a word about it.

Was this the reason why Clay received the tapes?


I know a lot of questions must have popped up like what next? What is the reason of her suicide or who is the reason?


Well to get the answers of these questions its better you watch the series. A MUST WATCH series on Netflix.


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