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5 Insightful Reveals From the Latest Episode Of Game Of Thrones

arya after being stabbed from the bitch

After last week’s slow episode of Game of Thrones that got us all angry at its snail-like pace, this week’s episode threw many shades of emotion that not only got the story one step ahead but increased the pace just the way we had wished for. Not only did all our predictions come true (well, most of them) but we got an intense cliff-hanger ending for a full-blast episode to come.

Let’s discuss the most interesting hints thrown in the latest episode called The Broken Man.

‘The Broken Men’

the hound in season 6. episode 7 of game of thrones

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We had given a list of  predictions on who will be the Broken Man in an article last week. And bingo! Two men out of the list just won the title, well it’s not a win as there is nothing to be proud of. The show this week focused on the life of famous men; starting from who they were to what life has made of them. Be it Jon Snow with his doubtful and crippled demeanor after coming back from the dead to Theon being unable to sit without his eyes getting dilated with the horrors he has faced. The men who come under this title after today’s episode are:

Sandor Clegane aka The Hound– Last we saw him in Season 5 when Arya left him to die. While the episode ran, we saw his soft side with Ian Mcshane’s (Septon) way of looking at life. For once you must have thought The Hound would spit his demon of vengeance to become another Margarey (the Holy one) but what happens in the end just broke all that was left in him. Now we know what the future holds, a brutal battle between the perpetrators of this horrendous crime and ofcourse the much awaited battle between the Hound and the Mountain.

theon greyjoy, all scared of ramsay

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Theon Greyjoy- How more broken can he be? The word ‘broken’ was specifically emitted from Yara’s lips to shake Theon out of his broken stupor. Though I din’t understand the ‘drink that ale’ pressure to somehow revive him to being a man. But yes, Theon is the second broken man since the season began.

Jon Snow– He just died and got resurrected dude. Enough horror to break him. Add to that being betrayed by his own brothers, hanging those betrayers along with the hated 12-year old and giving up the Night’s watch. The loved bastard has seen quite a lot.

Jamie Lannister– What’s wrong with him? For some reason he is looking more and more handsome after his incestuous children’s death but his external charisma hasn’t seeped down to his personality. Even Blackfish wasn’t impressed by him, just like us. The broken hand with the broken personality.

What will happen to Arya?

arya in the streets of braavos

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Apart from the list of Broken Men, we saw an unpredictable scene of Arya that was highly engaging after a long time. The much-hated bitch dupes Arya and stabs her with such intensity that you are sure that this episode will see Arya’s death. How did she manage to stay alive after those fatal stabs is hard to comprehend. Well, the next episode might just kill her :/

Ser Davos rises in status and stature

a portrait of ser davos of game of thrones

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‘So, he is your personal adviser now?’, asks Sansa to Jon Snow after Ser Davos brilliantly gets them House Mormont’s support. Even though only 62 men have been added to their army, Ser Davos’ communication skills seem to have been polished much too well. This shows his character seeing a strong transition from an illiterate to one who knows how to speak with an influencing power.

Cersei’s Desperation

cersei being demeaned by the queen of thorns in episode 7

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She has lost it all. Family, pride and her golden locks. People on the streets have thrown garbage at her and called her a ‘whore’. She has no one left at King’s Landing except for the Zombie Mountain and he is no interesting company. She has even admitted to her mistake of letting the Sparrows take over the city with her stupidity in the last season. Where is Cersei’s character heading for is hard to predict, though we can definitely say that she has taken a backseat in our eyes.

The Starks’ fight

sansa stark

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Sad for Jon, he just woke up from the Dead and has been thrown into being a part of one of the most brutal wars. Well the second most after the Night King’s. Sansa’s anger is emitted through every cell of her body as she wants to see Ramsay killed by hook or crook, and she would do everything to make this wish true. This fight in the Starks for getting the North back has set the story-line up an exciting level. What’s missing is Arya’s reunion with the Starks.

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