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5 Points That Sum Up Blood Of My Blood: Game of Thrones Ep 6

Monday would have never got the status it has if Game of Thrones did not exist. Nowadays we count days for Monday instead of Fri-yay to make Torrent the highest visited site in the entire universe. Yeah, Hotstar is there as well now but old habits die hard.

Coming to the latest episode of Game of thrones, i.e, Episode 6 called Blood of my Blood, well, how did you find it? After the unexpected and one of the saddest deaths in GOT universe, after Ned Stark and the Red Wedding and Jon Snow’s (till season 6 shook him alive again) the show-runners decided to let it go slow as the episode was like a swish of wind that came and went without many gasps or discoveries. Now, we can’t be so hard on them, each episode can’t be filled with unnecessary climaxes.

As for the main talking points of this episode, let’s discuss them one by one below.

Uncle Benjen’s Return


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There was no need to keep guessing for long, who else would have come to save Bran at that very moment in those woods. Speculation  on one of the book’s character Cold Hands was abound but in the end of the show Uncle Benjen’s return was confirmed. The book nerds have millions of theories which prove that he is the character Cold Hands after he somehow survived getting stabbed by the White Walkers north of the Wall.

Even though he is back, we have no idea whether he is a human or a half-zombie.

Gilly meets Sam’s family


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This was something new to watch, Gilly in a lovely gown borrowed from Sam’s sweet sister. Sadly, she could not wear any more of those as the two were thrown out of the castle just some time post their entry. Even though Lord Tarly (another idiotic Dad) commanded his son Sam to leave while Little Sam and Gilly stayed back, Sam gets this super energetic zeal in him and flees from the castle, stealing the heirloom Valyrian sword in the process.

P.S: Seeing Sam’s mother was a pleasant surprise, doesn’t she have an uncanny resemblance to the Red Woman?

Tommen reaches a higher level of stupid


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As though he needed to stoop any lower, Tommen Baratheon leaves no stone un-turned to show the lengths to which he can be influenced. Living in a fool’s paradise (fool in love and fool for the Kingdom come), Tommen declares friendship and harmony between the Crown and the Faith leading to a complete snubbing of the fire that had been ignited between the two houses and the High Sparrow.

Not to miss Mace Tyrell’s hilarious attempt at leading his army with his pompous attempts at showing some chubby valor.

Arya is back to being a Stark


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Finally, Arya too got tired of understanding this Many-Faced God, why did they even insert this crap here!

Well she could not kill an innocent woman for the Many-Faced God (whoever that is). Her Stark qualities of honour rise from her frosty heart as she interacts for a brief time with the actress who plays Cersei Lannister. That alne should have driven her to kill her but, she is an honourable Stark in the end. Next we will see a bitter chase between Arya and the girl who just cannot stop boxing her up.

Daenerys at it again

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Nothing new here, we have seen it already and are actually bored with the unnecessary display. But, this is all she has so why not! Last we saw Daenerys weeping tears of sadness for Jorah, now she is all pumped up to take back the seven kingdoms. And of course, climbing her grown-up son Drogon just had to be the ice on the cake.

P.S: I din’t get the close-up of Drogon’s tongue at the end.

How did you find this episode? Do share your lovely comments below 🙂

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