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5 Story-Line Breakdowns From The Prison Break Revival Trailer

Alright, so the trailer of Prison Break’s Revival came out just yesterday and oh boy! Did it not make us want to start binge watching it right then and there. Sadly we will have to wait for next year to let that happen. Still, the simple knowledge of the revival of the intense breakout series has surely made all the fans shout out loud cheers for the same.

Us included!

According to the trailer, the show is not going to be set in another universe as suggested by the news reports. As we all know Michael died at the end of the last season and rumours of starting a totally new story based on the same characters was being suggested by the show runners.

The trailer though, has a story that picks up from where we left the Scoffield brothers. Take a look at a sketchy story-line of what we might get to see in the prison breakout of the eccentric brothers of the TV universe.

Reversal of Brother Roles


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In Prison Break, Michael Scoffield, the super intelligent brother got himself arrested to help his innocent brother; Lincoln escape from the secure prison walls for a crime he did not commit. The entire series made sure each episode was filled with something new to watch, an adventurous escape, the death of a prison gangsta’ and the like. Though in Prison Beak Revival we get to see Lincoln and Michael’s wife Sarah reversing roles to get him out of prison. The trailer did not show any back-story of how he  got in there but yeah, the story-line remains the same (and we are glad it does)

Though how will Michael plan on escaping this one is hard to imagine as wiping off the entire tattoo off his body would surely kill him if he tries.

The Stakes are higher


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Your father was a storm. Storms can come back, can’t they?

In the beginning of the trailer, we see Sarah and her son talking about Michael. Even after all these years, Sarah chokes while saying his name or describing him, while the son desperately hopes for his father to return even after knowing he is dead. The entry of the son and the idea of an extended family will make the show more interesting to watch. Surely the beloved villain T-Bag would be seen clutching Sarah and her son for his gain in some way or the other.

Theodore Bagwell’s Role


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‘Your brother Michael just might be alive’

Getting this piece of news from none other than the hated T-Bag is like the sun rising from the West. Lincoln of course hesitates to believe him till the time he is shown a picture of Michael in a prison. Why would T-Bag want to help the Scoffield’s out of their misery is hard to explain, or as we can guess he surely might be bored and must be looking for some source of adrenaline rush.

Dangerous Location


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Choosing Yemen’s prison as the location makes the story-line more intense and unpredictable. In the US we would not see anyone shooting bullets randomly on each other (except in lonesome locales) but Yemen would be a different territory altogether. The entry of local goons and gangs who would not think for a second before shooting one’s head off will make the episodes more unpredictable and fun to watch.

Fernando Sucre


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Michael’s best friend and prison roommate was nowhere to be seen in the trailer. News reports on Amaury Nolasco joining the Prison Break Revival brigade was met with a lot of uncertainty with posts adding hashtags #soon being used as to making his appearance public. He might not be seen in the trailer as his role might come as a pleasant surprise while the episodes run. We can only hope for this, as not having him by Michael’s side would create a gap in the character line-up.

Do catch up on the trailer yet again and revive the story of the Scoffield Brothers 😀


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