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5 Things Death Note Teaches Us

There is work to do, stuff to learn, stuff to teach the future generations so that their characters stay untainted and pure.

What is that one thing that has the mighty power of shaking the very foundation of an impressionable mind? Let us have a look at how an anime series called Death Note covers the diverse working of the human mind with the suspenseful plot we all love.

It shows us that appearances DO NOT matter

The most magnetic character of these series called L, the intelligent genius does not fit the clichéd description of a well-groomed, overcoat wearing detective from any angle. He sits with the posture of a ready-to-attack ape, holds the phone like a monkey would hold a bunch of bananas and eats with the air of an innocent child. Yes, he is the personality which stands out in the biggest crowd for being immensely comfortable in his own skin.

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‘Sitting appropriately in public.’ Is that a new invention?

 It teaches us that sin should be hated, not the sinner

We all are imperfect humans who commit perfect mistakes innumerable times. Some of these come under the context of crime. The protagonist of Death Note, Kira aka Light Yagami has a murderous rage against all the criminals in the world. For him, the only way to cure the world is to wipe them off the face of the Earth.

What he doesn’t realise is by wiping off every human for the sin he commits; the world would not just turn into the most lovable place.

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There are other ways to save the world Kira, not just going on a killing spree!

It proves that total ownership of power pulls even good men towards evil

As the name suggests, Death Note is a dark anime series bordering on all the evil doings that surround us. Kira who owns the notebook that can kill anyone by just writing their name in it transforms from a saviour of the world to the most dangerous man alive. Talk about good power-holders in the society.

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Err..is this the same guy in the previous image! Evil much?

It teaches us that unconditional love is not the best kind of love

The hot sizzling Japanese anime girls are one of the cutest creations of man. In Death Note you will come across one called Mesa Amane who will blow you away with her innocently sexy charm. Though there are many throwbacks: a) she is a blind lover of Kira b) she is so terribly brainwashed in love with him that she is ready to give much more than her life for him which leads to their destruction in the end.

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I am hypnotised, I can’t hear anything but your voice..

It teaches us that life is real and not a fancy movie

Made way ahead of its time with the genius of Tsugumi Ohba, each episode of Death Note will bring you closer and closer to the dark side of life. The intense plot, the memorable characters, the shocking climax are just some of the things that will keep you glued to the screen.

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Literally glued.

P.S: What Death Note will do to you can be best understood when you watch it alone, deep under the covers right after the stroke of midnight.

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