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7 Shocking Predictions for The Next Episode Of Game of Thrones

Sorry for the breaking news heading above, journalist tendencies. Game of Thrones always follows a set pattern of curbing our appetite with a preview of the next episode followed by specific pictures that throw light on the story-line. And why wouldn’t we theorize our own plots out of all the hints thrown in the previous episodes.

Let’s cut right in!

As for the one line synopsis given out by the Game of Thrones show-runners: “The High Sparrow eyes another target. Jaime confronts a hero. Arya makes a plan. The North is reminded.”

Let’s discuss the following with the pictures below.

Jamie confronts a hero (The Blackfish)


There is no other hero Jamie has the chance of meeting in the following episode other than the Blackfish (Catelyn’s good old uncle). Imagine Jamie trying to conquer Riverrun from the the great warrior Blackfish, the name itself emits currents of valor. And with the photos out of the next episode, Blackfish is the only hero Jamie can meet.

Margarey’s return with her golden locks intact


Even though Margarey is out of the dungeons without a bald head, Septa Unella just can’t get over missing over the ‘Shame’ re-run. It’s a surprise she isn’t holding the bell here but we might see something interesting with Septa’s character. A friendship between Margarey and Septa (just like Shay and Sansa haha!)

Jamie’s confusion after seeing Brienne on the other side


As the story-line goes, Brienne of Tarth will be fighting for Sansa (the Starks) while her one true love Jamie would be standing against her on the other side. That would be fun to watch.

Cersei is left with the Mountain


Jamie has been sent off to Riverrun, Tommen has grown into a brain washed follower and the rest of her family is, well, dead. Here we see a heated conversation between the Queen of Thorns and Cersei. What can that be about? Let’s leave that to Sunday.

Arya makes a plan


Now that she has decided to give a flying fuck to the Many Faced God, we will finally get to see the Arya we actually loved and admired. This shot shows Arya making a decision of the best possible way to flee Braavos, the land of many faces.

The North is reminded


Jon and Sansa appear to have arrived at one of the many northern houses along their tour. In this case it’s likely Deepwood Motte, home to House Glover, whose sigil of an armored fist against a red field was spotted in the trailer for Sunday’s episode.During the War of the Five Kings, Glover was involved in a disastrous battle and was afterwards captured, but seeing as he appears to be a free man here, that likely isn’t what happened on the show.

What insights do you have for Sunday’s episode? Let’s start a heated discussion in the comments below 😀

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