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Angoori Bhabhi Quits ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Pe Hain’: A Bitter End To The Only Good Show On Indian TV?

The news has come as a shock to many of us. Personally, I have been a big ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hain’ fan and that’s like the only show which matches up to the standards of old comedy masterpieces like Sarabhai V Sarabahai or Khichdi.

It succeeded in making me laugh multiple times and that is enough to judge the successful content and unbeatable performance of the show.


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With the recent news of Shilpa Shinde aka Angoori Bhabhi leaving the show, it seems like the show will surely come to an end as each character plays a highly important role in making the show a success. The loss of any actor would lead to shutting down the comedic element that has been the show’s USP and I am sure the re-casting of any other actor as Angoori Bhabhi would not be able to raise the loyalty of the audience again.

The news of Shinde’s abrupt departure from the show is a mix of allegations pouring in from both the sides. According to Shilpa Shinde, the makers of the show demanded her to sign an exclusivity contract stating that she can ‘only’ be a part of this show alone. Like any individual with the right to freedom, she spoke up against it as she has the right to do as many shows as she wants to!

To quote her statement,

“You cannot make anyone sign an exclusivity contract like that. Why are you trying to spoil our career? I am giving you my 25 days or so, what is the problem if I do other shows in between” 

The makers of the show are throwing allegations at her that she has been highly unprofessional and has been throwing tantrums, etc, etc.

To rubbish off this statement, Shinde stands up for herself and says.

“I never signed that contract. In fact, I came on board after Rashmi Desai left the part abruptly. I helped them when they needed. Today, they are spreading rumours that I threw tantrums on the set. That is sheer mental torture.”

The makers are still hell-bent in supporting their story and have sent her a legal notice for leaving the show so abruptly.


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Leaving the in-house fights aside, Shilpa Shinde has been entertaining the audience ‘above’ their expectations. Her presence alone has made so many families laugh their hearts out and she rightfully deserves a triple pay hike for all the hard work she has put in. Speaking from the point of view of a sole viewer, the production house should act as the  big person for a change and listen to the actors instead of reacting like they ‘own’ them.

Though it seems like the conflict is not close to heading to a peaceful accord, we might get to see Shilpa Shinde in Kapil Sharma’s show and of course the fans would love to watch her.

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