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Change in The Writer Of House Of Cards Might Call For a Change In the Show’s Story-Line

We have not even got a chance to view season 4 of House of Cards and Netflix is already out with the news of extending the series to a season 5. The unparalleled excitement of giving the series a consecutive space of 5 seasons might be immensely great for the fans but someone might not be so happy with the latest decision about the series.

What is new in the news of the extended series is that the creator of the political fame Beau Willimon might not be a part of the series. A playwright and Oscar-nominated screenwriter, Willimon has been the guiding force behind House of Cards since the beginning, adapting and modernizing the story and concept from a 1990 BBC miniseries of the same name for American audiences. Willimon has personally written or co-written nearly two dozen episodes of House of Cards to date, and will presumably add more to that tally during season 4.

It might seem like a normal exit of a writer to another one in the duration of creating a series but apparently Beau Willimon is not too happy with the decision. He has not opted out of this position of his own free will, there seems to be an ongoing issue with Netflix and the show’s creator. Though Netflix and production house Media Rights Capital plan to continue to compensate Willimon for his many contributions to House of Cards to blow away the fire.

A replacement for Willimon has yet to be named, leaving House of Cards’ creative future uncertain. That said, the series boasts a large team of executive producers, including powerhouse director David Fincher. It stands to reason that a member of that line-up could take over as show-runner, although there are no early indications as to who would be the most likely successor.

Fincher is probably the highest bet to take over as the show-runner though his lack of experience in running a TV series and his prior commitments of developing a different original drama with Charlize Theron might turn Netflix into finding another candidate.

House of Cards season 4 hits Netflix in its entirety on March 4th, 2016. Season 5 will arrive in 2017.


Source: Screenrant

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