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Death Note American Adaptation To Be Made By Netflix

Death note is a highly popular manga and anime series about a boy named Kira who gets the power to kill people by just writing their names on a notebook called the Death Note. What follows is his face-off with a special genius called L whose aim is to stop him from deciding anyone’s fate which can turn him into one of the most evil humans ever born.


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The series is on top of all lists for all manga and anime fans and comes under the genre of intensely dark animation.

Last April, word got out that a live-action American version of the manga and anime series  was being planned by Warner Bros., with Adam Wingard directing and Jeremy Slater being the screen writer. Casting had already begun and the film was set to release in 2017.

Unfortunately Warner Bros decided to cut off their deal with the series as they wanted to concentrate on their own franchises.

According to The Wrap, Netflix is currently in negotiations to secure the rights to the film. Stars Nat Wolff and Margaret Qualley will  be cast in the series adaptation. Once the deal is finalized, Netflix reportedly wants to add War Machine star Keith Stanfield to the cast as well.

The choice of the star cast though hasn’t digested well with the fans as all the actors are Caucasian in origin and the series is totally based on the Japanese culture. Only if Netflix would be wise and choose Asian actors to play the specific roles would the adaptation succeed in pulling its fan base to the theaters.

Quite a large number of studios tried to grab the rights to the franchise as soon as Warner Bros decided to let it go.

Death Note was slated to begin filming in 2016, though it remains to be seen whether this schedule will remain with the recent change.

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