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Game of Thrones Finale: Let’s Sit And Talk About This Magnificent Episode

Let me just gather the shattered pieces of my brain to finally write this review. After watching the Battle of the Bastards, I was pretty sure that episode 9, as usual, was the high point of the season and the season finale would be there to wrap it all up with a possible cliffhanger. But oh my seven gods I was so wrong. Game of Thrones ended season 6 in the most spectacular fashion. Quite possibly giving us the longest and best episode in terms of storytelling and screenplay. After watching the 6th season, I can say one thing for sure that GoT has mastered the art of storytelling.

Lets just start discussing the talking points of the latest episode right away!

Cersei the mastermind? or a fool?

Cersei burning wildfire

First of all rest in peace High Sparrow, Little sparrows, Kevan Lannister, Margaery Tyrell, Lancel Lannister and Ser Loras (and also the guy who was crushed by the bell). I think Game of Thrones has a quota of killing main characters every season and with the decrease in the number of deaths this season, they saved it for the last episode. Coming back to the point, the rumor which Cersei and Qyburn were talking about was indeed wildfire. Cersei cold-heartedly burned the entire house of the seven gods and in the process lost her only surviving child. Tommen threw himself out of the window knowing that there is nothing left for him to live. For the first time he took a decision without consulting anyone, that too to kill himself (*sigh*).

Cersei Throned

Now was it all planned by Cersei from the start? Tommen’s suicide, Jaime’s exile, her humiliations at the hands of the High Sparrow… as Qyburn set the crown on her head and her eyes glittered, triumphant but soulless, we were asked to consider if perhaps this was exactly what she had planned all along. She knew she had already lost her son Tommen to the High Sparrow, she knew Jamie would stop her from causing this mayhem. She knew it all along. So Cersei planned all this not only to avenge her walk of atonement but also to take back the charge of the seven kingdoms.

Jamie not happy

Is she a fool to do this? Now that Walder Frey is dead, Tyrion is the new hand of the queen (we will talk about it later), Lannisters are at their weakest ever. And seeing what Cersei has done to King’s landing we can see from Jamie’s expressions that his love for her is over. Also to point out, the prophecy about Cersei is coming true. All of her children are dead and with the way things are going its a race between Tyrion and Jamie as to which one of her brothers will kill her.


“Promise me Ned. Promise me.” Lyanna Stark to her brother Eddard, in the Tower of Joy.

Finally, after making us wait for God knows how long, we got our scene of Tower of Joy. And yes, its confirmed, R+L is actually equal to J. Bran Stark, the new third eyed Raven, accompanied by Meera Reed and half white walker uncle Benji, went back to the time to the Tower of joy where young Ned is going to save his sister Lyanna Stark. To his surprise (and not ours), Lyanna Stark is seen lying on a bed and there is blood everywhere. She whispers something in his ear which is not clearly audible. Then comes the main part, she hands Ned little Jon Snow and asks him to promise to take care of the child. Thus, Jon Snow is clearly not a Bastard and a true Stark who was born in the tower of joy (*tears of joy*).

JOn Snowbaby Jon Snow

Was Snow’s father Rhaegar Targaryen, son of the Mad King or the Mad King himself? Lyanna appeared to whisper the truth to Ned but the audience was not allowed to eavesdrop. In a way, this came almost as a relief. We have endured the puzzle of Jon’s origins for so long that to finally have a definitive answer would probably be a letdown (we all know it’s Rhaegar anyway). But there is still more to his story and its not the end.

The Starks are regaining their strength and wisdom

Arya Kills Frey

For the first time in 6 seasons, Starks are rising in their fighting power their brain use at the same time. Arya is back to Westeros and back to her killing ways. She just killed the entire Frey family with such an ease for fuck’s sake. And she might soon meet Jon and Sansa.

Jon Snow King in the north

Jon, on the other hand gained respect and honor from all the houses and was declared the king in the North. Also to instigate everyone to make Jon the king, it was none other than fierce Lyanna Mormont (make her the queen already). Things are finally heading in the right direction for the Starks which means next season one of them will die for sure. Sansa knows how dangerous Littlefinger can be, so we might also see a battle of wits between them in the next season.

Danny is headed to Westeros


Is this for real? Did it actually happen? Is Danny really headed for Westeros? After so many seasons and a number of boring episodes, Daenerys is finally headed to Westeros with the Greyjoys and Sand Sisters. The sands and Queen of Thorns have joined hands to help Danny, all thanks to Varys’ small visit. She now has the biggest fleet, Dothraki army, Dragons, Olenna’s brain, Sand Sister’s fighting skills and most importantly the most famous dwarf in the world on her side who is also the new hand of the queen.


Extra credits to the sound director of this episode for giving goosebumps with a highly complimentary background score. Also, there was no mention of the Night King in the finale but there was a lot of mention of Winter. Finally Winter has come and with winter the Big war will come.

All in all, this season finale was the most satisfying finale of Game of Thrones. Maybe for the first time everything happened the way people wanted it to happen. I am happy that Game of Thrones ended in such an amazing way, but I am sad because now there will be no waiting for the next episode every Sunday. For the next 10 months I’ll have to keep searching for something to fill the void left by Game of Thrones. That said, Game of Thrones has become a cult and in my opinion its the biggest TV show in the world right now.

Do you agree with me? Do share your views in the comments below.




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