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Game Of Thrones Trailer Breakdown: 14 Reasons Why This Season Will Be The Best

Game of Thrones is just 10 days away!!! Can you feel what we are feeling? Of course you do, that’s why you are reading this article to read as much on them till they finally arrive.

Let me say it again JUST 10 MORE DAYS!

Game of Thrones came out with their second trailer and as expected they made us open our mouth and eyes wide throughout it’s duration. How do they just succeed in doing it all the time?

Anyway, as we both are such GOT fanatics, let’s share some breakdown pictures of the trailer, to sort of start a buzzing conversation of what all we might see in the largest game ever.

  • What if Ghost had Jon Snow’s soul? Well, everything in GOT has a connection, Jon got Ghost as a pet in quite a predominant way. And as the Starks have a history of having magical powers with Arya on the way to learning the art of ‘nothing’ to Bran being a warg, who knows?


  • Jamie says “The Gods won’t mind’ when the High Sparrow asks him if he would spill blood in this Holy place. Seems like Jamie will be back with his kill-all personality after the death of his daughter and Cersei’s shame at the hand of the Sparrows.


  • You can see Bran Stark under the tree out there, so he was sleeping away out here since he left. Sleeping while instilling himself with a horse power of magic which might help in killing the white walkers.


  • We all know Daenerys has been taken back to Dothraki land thus they HAVE to strip her off her clothes and pride. Don’t know about the pride but the clothes will surely be seen coming off.


  • “The girl has been given a second chance, there will not be a third”. We all know Arya will give her all to use this opportunity and learn whatever she has been trying to since the last season.


  • “We have to fight back” says Sir Davos with the Stark banner hanging behind him. Who is he going to fight back? The watchers of the wall or the white walkers?


  • You must be thinking who is she? She is none other than the new Red Priestess named Kinvara, a high ranking leader in the religion of R’hllor, Lord of Light. We might see a duel between Melisandre and her for sure!


  • Who is killing the High Sparrow? Jamie or Tommen Lannister? 


  • Who is she looking at? As she has only be seen for or with Theon it might be him, dead or alive we know not.


  • An all-out war between the Lannisters and the Sparrows, of course.




  • They are afraid of nothing, not even fire. We hope Sam has many shards of dragon glasses.


  • Arya’s eyes are fine? With the second chance she got? What a change in one trailer.


  • Tyrion with Daenerys’ dragons. We see a flash of flames on the entire screen as soon as the dragons are seen up-close. Will George kill him? Nooooo!


Please watch the trailer once again till these 10 days end. 10 DAYS!

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