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How Colors Infinity Is Changing The Face Of Indian Television

Colors Infinity is the first English entertainment Indian channel which has been succeeding in understanding the need of the younger generation. It is co-curated by none other than Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt. We might be having a fixed image about Alia Bhatt as the typical bimbo but she surely has a good taste when it comes to international television. The duo is surely being blessed by a majority of us in India right now.

Not only does this channel take care in looking after our cravings of international television’s sensible story-lines but it even manages to air fresh TV series within 12 hours of their premiere in the US! Just like we binge watch shows on our laptops or PC’s through Torrent and now subscription based Netflix, Colors Infinity offers all of this on a platter by airing 3 episodes of a specific series back to back on a single day from 9 pm to midnight. Isn’t that just perfect? *non- nagin midnight snacking*


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Popular shows like Better Call Saul, Fargo, The Flash are just some of the series that Colors Infinity has been airing since the channel was launched. Apart from that it also creates original content to suit the younger Indian palette, though international TV series cover more air time.

Some of the upcoming TV series include Mr Robot (Season 2), Game of Silence and Heartbeat, these series are being highly awaited by most of us.

 Better Call Saul’s (Season 2) is already being aired since February 16th.

You can get the entire list of the shows on air on Colors Infinity right here and book your time slots for each day of your mortal life.


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