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How To Get Away With Murder With A Funny Side

If you enjoyed watching all of the twist and turns on season one of How to Get Away With Murder, then we have something you’re going to love even more: The bloopers!



To celebrate the release of How to Get Away With Murder: The Complete First Season on DVD, ETonline is debuting the exclusive first look at the hilarious gag reel.

How To Get Away With Murder is back this weekend on 11th, before the Valentine’s day, not that it has anything to do with that but why not put it out there when we are just gonna sit there and binge watch everything. So, to warm you up for this riveting thriller we’ve got something you’ll love even more than the show itself, The Bloopers.

HTGAWM star Matt McGorry, who plays Asher Millstone in the show also seem to share our love of gag-reels. “I love blooper reels” Matt said, “Honestly, blooper reels are my spirit animal. For some reason there is nothing funnier to me, like I’d almost rather see blooper reels than any actual scene from a TV show or movie.”

Watch the blooper reel and enjoy a funnier side of the veiled tense scenes of the show:

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