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Kapil Sharma To Be Featured At Madame Tussaud’s: An April Fool Gimmick?

Doesn’t it sound incredible? This will be the first time an Indian TV celebrity will have his wax statue sculpted for the famous Madame Tussaud’s and the person is none other than the hilarious stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma.

But, is the news even true? Because all the media houses have this iota of doubt on their headlines with question marks and gasping exclamations. Though the pictures look too believable to rubbish off their claims.

Apparently the team which flew down to India to take Narendra Modi’s measurements for his wax statue took Kapil’s measurements as well in a meeting at Mumbai’s JW Marriott. Not only have the measurements been taken but the final date of presenting the finished sculpture has also been given, which is six months. Maybe we will get to see the reality after 6 months?

Though there has been a news article by Hindustan Times stating that it was all a hoax and that they contacted the team at Madame Tussaud’s and found out to their disbelief that the team has no plans for Kapil’s statue though they would take the suggestion in the future.

But how can he have so many photo-shopped pictures with the Madame Tussaud’s team and even hold the length of his plastered hand size? It might be Modi’s?



It is quite possible that he was trying to entertain the team and Mr Modi and just thought of doing what he does best: entertain. We might be listening to his Madame Tussaud’s based jokes in his show or maybe the news is real!


You can see that the team is the same as the one taking Narendra Modi’s measurements below.

narendra modi

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Whatever the truth, the audience has nothing to lose. They would be happy if it’s real and they would continue laughing and being entertained as Kapil would make sure to mention the gimmick in his show.

And if it does happen, we wish it’s in his Babaji Ka Thullu pose 😀


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