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4 Shows That Will Make You Feel The Taste of Incredible Power

Does power or the attainment of it attract your senses quite a lot? The style and persona of the intelligent and the way their brain functions enlighten imaginations of vivid intensity in the insides of your brain?

We have just the right dose for you from the vast library which demands the time of our senses, here is a list of shows that will make you feel as powerful as the Hulk with their plot and oh-too-strong and brainy characters.

House of Cards

House of Cards

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There are two kinds of characters a) the ones you fall in love with b) the ones that make you want to be like them, secretly.

The witty and the mind boggling character of Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacey in House of Cards gives you more than an insight to how the US Senate works. The entire plot of how he exacts his revenge for being ripped off his promised political position smells of smart brains, experienced plotting and a narrative style where Frank directly speaks to the audience in regular intervals.

It is like the viewer is his soul’s mirror and stands right beside the irresistible couple of the Underwoods. If you are a fan of political rivalries and plots of witty suspense, then House of Cards is the perfect meal for your appetite!

Breaking Bad


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 Nothing is more delicious than seeing the transformation of a docile, ill-treated and misused common man to a drug lord who instills fear with just a few syllables. Walter White is an undying legend in the minds of every person who has gone through the pain of bidding goodbye to Breaking Bad.

A show filled with a direction that is so rare and breath-taking, it makes you remember every intricate detail! The entire plot will leave you shocked to the core and leave you glued and so in tune with all the characters that you start to feel like one family. And when it does end, Oh Boy, may God only help you.

Game of Thrones


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 Seven kingdoms. One Iron throne. And a story that none can predict.

It has everything! Sex, humour, wit and the tastefully crafted never-ending shocks. A hot topic for one and all, Game of Thrones has succeeded in garnering a fan base of more than 10 million and counting.

If you haven’t watched this, then your life will be incomplete till you do!



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Being hungry for power and money would be an understatement for the notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar. Not only he was the most feared foe to the Columbian Government but was feared even as a friend to his “colleagues” in drug trafficking. And if you think just mere drug trafficking in the 80’s couldn’t fetch you a lifetime of fortune, think again, for Mr Escobar was listed among the top 10 richest men in the 80’s. Hell, he even contested to be the president of Columbia! This show is a must watch from Netflix portraying a man with sheer lust of power.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of the power these shows portray. Look no further and start the binge-attack right away!



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