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Mr Robot 2’s Trailer Is Out And It Calls For A Revolution!

All Mr Robot fans know what we are going to talk about. After a long, long time someone decided to come up with a fully original contemporary show that provokes us to wake up from our slumber and rise against the subtle foundations on which we stand in the society.

Many called it a TV series based on Fight Club, and even if they did, won’t we be glad to see Fight Club over and over again? The show which is based on the life of a hacking genius (Elliott) who brings down the most powerful corporation called Evil Corp in the first season with his power of hacking due to the injustice done to him by the men led by greed in that corporation.

For all who have seen the first season, this trailer calls for a resurgence to all things revolutionary and thought provoking:

“You see it too, don’t you? There are no guarantees anymore. No easy paths to follow. The future has never been less certain. They use that to scare us and keep us in line. Tell us we’re powerless to do anything about it. Truth is: we have more power than they think.”

Launched with the #WeTheBold campaign, the latest promo of the addictive series throws us into the ways in which we are dumbed down in the society. Sort of like a herd of sheep following what is being told to us by the ‘few’. The protagonist Elliott asks us to wake up and join him in fighting the various ways in which we are being killed. Be it global warming, money laundering or the killing of minorities to serve a so-called cause.

In the end he says, ‘We have the power’, ‘We are the power’, and we are more powerful than the rich ass heads of our country. Only when we wake up.

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