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5 People Who Can Be The “Broken Man” In The Next Episode

This week’s episode saw many faces returning after a long break. Benjen Stark returned after a prolonged absence of 5 seasons. As confirmed by the showrunners, he is the TV version of Coldhands – A messiah who helps Bran and Meera against the Whitewalkers.

We also saw a glimpse of Edmure Tully – brother of Catelyn Stark and the groom in the Red Wedding who was captured by Walder Frey. Their return obviously means to serve something in the upcoming episodes but their exact purpose is yet to be found out.

The next episode of Game of Thrones is titled “The Broken Man”. There can be a lot of possible contenders for the title of The Broken man. Lets discuss them one by one:

Edmure Tully


Not much has been talked about Edmure Tully in the show. But he was supposed to be the new Lord of Riverrun until he was captured and kept in the Frey’s dungeons. From a rich spoilt brat to a person who has seen nothing but darkness for 2 seasons, he pretty much seems to be broken right now. But is he our “Broken Man”, that we will have to wait and see.


Ser Davos


Although just my speculation, but it can be possible that Ser Davos finally gets to know about the fate of Shireen and how she died. We all know how much Ser Davos loved Shireen, and knowing that Stannis killed his own daghter will leave him broken from inside.


Benjen Stark


Finally we got to see Benjen Stark, who has turned into a half white-walker. He saved Bran and Meera and told them that he will return soon, which means we can see more of him in the next episode. For a guy who is fighting against the whitewalkers all by himself and has lost everything, he seems pretty much broken to me. And maybe we can also see his backstory to being Coldhands.


Theon Greyjoy 


He already is a broken man, infact he can’t be broken any further after what Ramsay did to him. But its not just that. As we all know Yara and Theon are headed to Essos to meet Daenerys and company. So maybe Theon’s meeting with Varys and Greyworm – two broken men who were forcefully made eunuchs just like Theon can further make or break him.

Sandor Clegane a.k.a The Hound


Yes, you read it right. Although its a pre-assumed notion that Hound died when he had a duel with Brienne of Tarth but did we see him dying? According to some theorists, Sandor Clegane was saved by a septor and was redeemed into a more peaceful and a totally different guy. So he can be our broken man. And not only will he return he will also have a fight till death against his zombie brother – The Mountain.

We will have to wait and see who turns out to be the Broken Man. If you think its someone else, feel free to mention it in the comments


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