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How a Full Generation Can’t Get Over Chester Bennington’s Death

“I’m strong on the surface
Not all the way through
I’ve never been perfect
But neither have you”


I want to heal,
I want to feel,
What I thought was never real
I want to let go of the pain I felt so long”

Oh Chester! How dumb we could be throughout our self-caring adolescent years to think that you wrote for us. Not for yourself.

In the process of catharsis, you helped not one but millions of us.  By screaming out the intensity of our problems in the angst of your lyrics.

Never really understanding why you sang the songs you did, we just listened and you screamed out our hidden demons for us.

Numb, Somewhere I Belong, Breaking the Habit, In the end, Lost in the echo, Bleed it out are just some names that drive us to face another day, till date.

chester bennington linkin park

You always managed to pull us out of our misery.


Well, that’s what happens in a star and a fan’s relationship. They can talk to you, but you can never talk back. They help you by making albums filled with a life like yours. But all you can do is listen and feel better, never getting a chance to do the same for them.



There are demons we all face every day. Having a specific past that makes us or breaks us. You just somehow manage to ignore it and throw it in the bin, assuming it was not a part of your life. But, there are times when you just can’t do that, because it’s a part of you and can never leave you.


Chester, we are sorry we could never be there for you except for our fan acknowledgments, the buying of cassettes till school until Torrent and YouTube took over and stopped that as well.

chester bennington we cant stop crying

In the end, the musician or the artist is always there for us- while we are there to imbibe what they create for us. That’s the way it is/was meant to be. Is it sad or good, we will never know. Because we have been seeing many of the people who gave us life ending theirs and it’s hard to move on anymore.

Robin Williams, Heath Ledger, Chester Bennington May you rest in Peace.

Sadly, we have everything to distract us to help us move on- within seconds. We will see news on you, Chester for a while, till it’s overtaken by something more important. Still, your fans will continue to mourn your death, by crying from the inside while listening to all the songs that we learned by heart.

chester bennington suicide linkin park

I have personally lost someone immensely close to me, a friend- the best friend God could gift me in the form of a mother. And the pain that Chester felt due to his demons were felt by my own- when she faced the Cancer demon. She died, just like he did- with the slight difference of God doing the deed for her.

In the end, the pain and the continuous trauma hits you so hard that life leaves you even before it leaves your body. And that fucking sucks when you look into the mirror each day and just can’t take it anymore.

All of you out there, who ever feel like they can’t take it anymore can message us anytime on, without any hesitation. And we promise we will be there for you.

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